Global warming

It is still abnormally hot here. In the mid daytime, it gets around 35 degrees C every day. Mariegold could have been most vivid in this season. However, some of them are dying right now, especially those in a corner having sunshine all day long.

I could not help bitterly smiling to see no one is denouncing at a post in Facebook which claims of the importance of manuver against climate change. I just wonder if we have not passed the point of no return yet. I really hope the leader in every country will take active action for this problem. It would take decades to have response from anti global warming procedures. It is for our next generation.

Sweating a lot in the garden, I have poured water to trees and tomato plants etc. And I have pulled some weeds. I found it was quite tough to do that and finished it halfway. Coming back into the house, I had a glass of ume juice diluted with carbonated water on the rock. It is a home made one. Nothing is better and healthier than this one.

In the shadow, there is a bit of breeze blowing, which may usher in the arrival of fall. Is it too early? One month has passed since the summer solstice now. Maybe, in the end of this month, that sign of very early fall will get evident.

Perssimon is growing on the tree. It may offer us sweet fruits in fall.

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