Conspiracy and censorship

Tomorrow, exactly today in the daytime, the government would steamroller the bill of conspiracy bill at the House of Representatives here. No wonder, the bill may pass the House of Councilors as well since the government parties occupy the majority at both of the Houses.

The law is supposed to go against the terrorism as the government insists. At the same time, they explain it was to join Convention against Transnational Organized Crime. Our country may join it without new legislation for that. The content of this law is just to let the security police investigate anyone with suspicion of conspiracy utilizing the communication interception and so forth they are allowed to do without any limitation. The government is, administering this law, going to censor every one or every party who behaves against them.

Since this Abe administration is highly ultranationalistic, the enactment of this law is quite hazardous to our society, I am afraid. It seems there are movements toward ultranationalism based on populism in various parts of the world. Paralleling with that political movements, there seems to be tendency for censorship by the authority going on. It is a problem what world we would leave to the next generation. Even feeling tired with such a political problem, I would go against such a movement for the next generation.


  1. It seems the whole world has shifted back to a 50's cold war mentality, with a growing number of fascists rearing their ugly heads. Not enough history being learned it seems.

    1. Unfortunately, there is an increasing number of ultra rights in the world, both in the leaders and the peoples. They hate and discriminate the others. They stand on the principle of nationalism. Dream of socialism has been failed while neoliberal economy has exploited people. Do they seek any solution in nationalism?