A corner toward nightmare

Our government is submitting a bill of the law against organized crime preparation. They insist it is to do with the terrorism for the Olympic game in Tokyo in 2020. There is, however, no "bill fact" to hasten legislation of this law. The appearance of this bill is a law against terrorism. Terrorism preparation could be, however, well managed with the existing laws, as criminalists say.

The aim of this bill seems to be maintenance of public order. Since Abe and LDPJ have been trying to revise the system of our country back to that before WWII, they must have thought it was a good chance to legislate for maintenance of public order. Public order means the regime of those revisionists. When the law for maintenance of public order was introduced to our country before WWII, the government insisted that it was to accuse and punish rebellious traitors. Actually, it was interpreted in an extended way, so that a lot of innocent people who seemed to have any idea against to the regime were accused based on that law.

In this context, they are going to revise our constitution in the near future. They aim at the authoritarian regime based on the cult of nationalistic Shinto. There is an ultra right group named Japan Conference on the back of those revisionists. They would deny the basic human rights and drive the people away to be only subjects under Emperor but not individualized citizens. This idea of nationalistic Shinto includes a kind of elitism which says our country is a selected one among the others owing to the unbroken imperial family line. Even though this dogma is historically a clear falsehood, those revisionists believe in it or pretend to do so for the sake of their own political power. This may lead our country and neighbors to another nightmare.

We are at a corner to that devastating future.

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