How to do with the terrorism

It was a horrible disaster that so many innocent people were killed by the terrorists in Paris yesterday. Such a terrorism should not be permitted by any means. The terrorists who had executed it should be punished.

On the other hand, we should learn that terrorism could never be eradicated by arms. It is the lesson we have had from the recent history in the Middle East. We should accept people with the other ideologies or religions. We should start from this standpoint.

It is not by arms but the other ways we should do with terrorism. There must be any arm merchants or any military who give or sell them the arms. Certain financial sources might let them buy the arms. Without any income, they won't be able to recruit and train their military as well as terrorists. We should keep our eye on these sources to them. It should be banned to support them financially as well as military wise.

I could not help suspecting there are some people gaining profits from the proxy war in the developing countries like the Middle East. For example, there are strong evidences that the US has supported the extremists like Al Qaida in Afghanistan as well as ISIS in Syria.

The war in the Middle East has given rise to the extremist group by itself. ISIS is told to be established by the remnants of Barth Party in Iraq in the regime of Hussein. The object of this Iraq war was denied with no genocidal weapon found there. The aerial bombing they have deen continuously doing there are causing victims of civilians. The families of those victims would become another terrorists in the future. There has been a chain of terror and hatred over there. We should it.

 In Facebook, a friend of mine, Dan, K2YWE, has linked to a site with an excellent and moving article. Here it is. Please read it. I could not read it without tears. i fully approve what the author wrote there.

The fight against terrorism should not be based on the arms but on the action toward its causes.

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