ex JG1FDX story

We will have the 38th anniversary in a couple of days. The time has passed quite fast. The longer marriage we have had, the more we know each other. Even though I don't know what she thinks of that, it is not bad to get older together.

We were the class mates at the med school. She is 3 years younger than I am since I entered the school after finishing a college. We have started our honey moon life at a dorm of the med school where we served our residency. Hectic days. I should have been more helpful to her raising our elder son those days.

I have uploaded this photo before. At the campus of the med school. We were young. We were expecting our 1st baby. How hopeful we were for our future!

We have moved here, that is, my birth place in several years. I felt we need some place to be settled down. I must confess a place for bigger antenna was necessary for me. My parents have moved here and have helped us to raise 3 children. 

It was the time without cell phone. She has taken a ham radio ticket to get in touch with me through radio. She got her call as JG1FDX. Only on phone. She was too shy to talk to people unknown to her. We used UHF FM to get in touch. When our daughter was learning violin at a class near to my wife's hospital years ago, I have brought her with violin to a place half way to the class. She was waiting for us there. We couldn't do that without that UHF.  

One time, I borrowed her car. I happened to turn on the cassete tape recorder on the car. Surprisingly, Morse code practise tape was running there. Yes, she was practising Morse code in secret. I asked her why she had wanted to master code. Her answer was that she would beat me in Morse code technique. I think it was half what she had thought. She is a girl who would learn something continuously. She might find learning Morse code was a good object for her to master. Since her project turned out public to me, she gave it up thoroughly. Her ticket with the suffix, "Fanatic Doctore XYL", has been expired then. 

As written earlier in this blog, she has enjoyed our trip to Seattle and San Jose 3 years ago meeting many friends of ham radio. Someday, I would take her for a trip to the US or the other parts of the world to see old friends of mine. She won't say no to me, hopefully.

As I fully retired last year, I have become a full time house husband and have been trying to help her. She says she would downsize her work load soon. Introducing her old patients to other reliable doctors and getting ready financially for the retirement of the staff, she should gradually fade off at her job soon. I wish we could spend peaceful time for the rest of our lives.

Congratulations to us on our anniversary! 


  1. Shin,
    How nice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Shin,
    I liked your story! Happy Anniversary. I looked you up after our CW conversation yesterday on 15m. I must apologize as my mobile CW is not very good. I recently changed vehicles (to a Chevy pickup) and it is much more difficult to hear as well as run the paddle while in motion. (very bouncy!) My old car was much better. You had asked some questions that I missed, I eventually pulled over to finish our QSO, I only operate CW if it is safe, and ragchewing is sometimes very difficult when moving. I appreciate your contact, I know we have QSOd before. I am trying to get my DXCC from the mobile. I recall your signal is always strong. (I have to pick the strong ones!) I'm at about 91 countries so far in very casual operating, usually to and from work. (I am an equipment engineer for a small semiconductor MEMS fab) Anyway, thank you again for your patience. I will look for you again and hopefully have a better conversation. Best of 73z,

    1. Doug,

      I was wondering what place you were driving, because your signal was really good here. It sounded like a flat place with good command of view at least toward Asia. Of course, the good condition has made it possible. But I haven't heard any mobile signal with S7 on peaks. I still noticed a shaky wobbling on your signal due to bouncing of your new pick up...it is kidding. A solid signal like a JA here. Have much fun and see you again. Don't trade traffic accident with DXCC.


  3. Congratulations to you and your lovely wife. An intellectually curious woman makes the best life partner!



    1. Taylor,

      Thanks for your kind words. I am going for a concert with ex JG1FDX this afternoon.

      See you. Have a pleasant holiday season.


  4. Shin,
    A very hearty congratulations to you and your XYL. I think nothing can be better than sharing your life with someone that understands you; the good and the bad. I hope your retirement years are quiet and full.

    Joe KC0VKN

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the greetings to us. I hope everything is fine with you and you all are enjoying the life at new QTH. See you oftener. Forty is starting to open quite early in the afternoon here. The skimmers in the East Coast have received my water pistol signal even at 06Z. Have a nice holiday season.