A priviledge in young age

A cool cellist, Cicily Parnas, shows an excellent performance as if in an audition. In young days, anyone could concentrate in something like her, whatever talent he or she may have. Parnas is performing in really stunning way as for technique. She seems to express herself fully with cello. What concentration!
It is another question how deep she could sing with her instrument. I would look forward listening to her playing music which requires her real talent in expression. Her concentration in music is still really admirable. Maybe, a priviledge for her young age.

Incidentally, I have been thinking why I feel less cozy with the skimmer/RBN stuff than the old fashioned analogue set up. Maybe, unexpectedness in ham radio is disturbed with this cutting edge technology. Give me a bit more time to put ideas in shape. 

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  1. Shin San,

    Your musician friends will probably make more out of this young girl and her efforts than I will. But she is definitely nice looking and if she plays as well as she looks, she will probably enjoy a good career in Music.

    As for the RBN issuse, I have been watching skimmers for years, but my recent turn on to the RBN by a ham friend and member of the RBN growing network of receviers, gave me the idea I needed to give it a try. I have not been sorry, and my main use is to determine if any of my friends are on the air when I begin an day with ham radio. Yes, for some I suppose it is cheating, but I do not feel that way. I suppose if you were still chasing DX you would possibly like to turn on your radio and computer, and look to see if the new DX Expedition was on the air yet. Today that is a reality, so you know which band(s) they are working on, and how strong a signal they have in various places. Some would argue that was cheating too, but very practical, now if we could just keep the contesters from jumping in on the pile up it would seem to be a good way to work a new DX entity, and takes less time away from Rag Chewing!

    Nice to see you back on your blog my friend. Oh yes the old "comments form" is back again!

    Bob Gates // W7AYN