A CWT trouble

A friend of mine, Bob W7AYN, has encountered an embarrassing situation last Wednesday. I happened to listen to him at that time. He was working a W8 guy on around 7026KHz. All of sudden, another pretty big one started calling CQ CWT right on his frequency. Bob had to quickly finish that QSO then. I don't believe the CQ caller could not hear either of Bob or that W8 guy. I have ever experienced this due to those contesters in the past. I am running 500W with 3el. Hearing this mess, I sighed and thought the same thing had happened again.

In a day, Bob wrote to me on this event. He seemed to have sent a mail to blame them to a CWops head. It seemed that guy had delivered that personal mail itself to the CWops members through their reflector. Bob's mail seemed to contain my call. A few friends told me about that. Even though I am not directly involved in this event, I may have a right to express my opinion on this issue here owing to the above mentioned course of the event.

It might be essentially a problem of negotiation and compromise between the contesters and the non contesters as for how to avoid such interference to the latter by the former. In the major contests like WW CW etc, we, non contesters, could escape from the mess. Because the schedules are well known. It is not the case with minor ones. It is difficult for us to escape somewhere prior to such minor ones as CWT starting.

CWT should have been held in the week ends like the others. So far as international contests are concerned, it is the first contest ever held on "a plain week day". It is held once a month. There are increasing number of contests being held right now. I am afraid CWT might lead them to be held on the plain week day since the week ends are already full of contests for now.

CWT is divided into 3 sessions with only an hour of duration for each session. The trouble is apt to occur in the very beginning of the contest. Non contesters are not ready to avoid the mess especially in the beginning. The chances of the mess is up to 3 times in a CWT event. All these factors are causing the mess as Bob has experienced this time.

I would propose them to limit the band width in use to its certain portion, for example, from 7010 to 7020KHz etc. And it should move from the week day to a week end. I sincerely hope they won't mess the bands with such games on any plain week day even for 3 times in a day, when we could enjoy slow and meaningful QSOs.

Lastly, a personal whispering. There are "too many" contests. "Redundant" activity. I suspect it will all the more decrease the non contest activities. Eventually, it may harm the ordinary ham radio activities.


  1. Hi Shin,

    The only time I hear CW Ops guys is on CWT, then only the same one or two big guns from USA...

    Came home on Friday and was looking forward to making some good QSOs during the weekend. I have never heard 40m so open, all the way up to 7040 there were contesters from all over the world.

    Sadly today (Monday) it has gone all quiet again.

    I seem to spend far too long and waste far too much of my valuable time listening and calling for CW ragchewers who simply are not there any more. Even in my short ten years as a radio ham I can see a deterioration.

    Maybe it is time to sell my gear and start a new hobby ;-(

    All the best.

    1. Hi John,

      Welcome back home! Have a pleasant vacation.

      Yes, the bands have been very vacant since the contest was over this morning. Most hams must be snoring on their beds after such a tiring week end.

      Boy, don't hurry up selling your radio. The more infrequent we have an enjoyable meeting through the radio, the more valuable such QSO is. I bet you might have really enjoyable QSOs in the future. Don't hurry!

      I must admit I have tried to look for some good chat on both 15 and 20m, which were quite good for NA this morning, but had only several QSOs with 599 QSL way. Only a QSO with W2HTI was a remarkable one. It may be comparable to looking for a gold stone in the sand of beach. I believe it is still worth trying.

      If you should have anything you think more valuable than ham radio, I won't keep you in this hobby, though. It could be a waste of time and energy in a sense, I agree.

      There are many things attractive to me. Reading, tracing the update of the research in medical science interesting to me, playing cello or listening music etc. But doing with real friends is one of the most important things in the world. Of course, you already know what I mean.

      So see you. I would turn the beam toward you whenever I hear you.


  2. Shin I will keep trying...

    I liked your clip of Cicely. Good looks and talent as well.