74th anniversary in Hiroshima

It is the 74the anniversary of nuclear bombing in Hiroshima today.

This photo shows a boy carrying his sister died from the nuclear bombing in Nagasaki. He was waiting for her turn at a cremation site. His attitude, looking straight forward with his mouth shut tightly, tells what an absurdity he should endure at that time.

The Japanese government at that time could have surrendered to put an end to the war much earlier. The cult of imperialism has daren't do that in order to maintain the emperor system but never the lives of the people.

We should never forgotten the Japanese imperial military has killed tens of millions of people mainly in Asia and Pacific area. Together with the memory of the victims in Hiroshima/Nagasaki in addition to Okinawa, we should remember all those people killed in the war by our military.

It would be the end of human civilization if nuclear war is started. But the threashold for use of small nuclear weapon is lowered. They are developing "usable" small nuclear bombs. INF has just been withdrawn as well. There should be military expansion of nuclear weapons starting now. Why won't we be able to deny any possibility of war or conflict where they use small nuclear weapons? 

Our government has declared our constitution won't necessarily ban the use of nuclear weapons recently. They should have ratified Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty quickest among the other countries since we have experienced the tragedy of nuclear weapons and the accident of nuclear power plant in Fukushima. However, it seems they won't go that way. They rather would increase the tension with the neighbor countries.

Again, we should never forget what this boy has experienced in the tragedy. 

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