It is not only a # Me too issue but also an issue of abuse of the power by the government

This news has been reported in various countries around the world.


Their emphasis is invariably on the point that our society is behind or even against the # Me too movement in the world. It is true. But this case has the other more serious aspect than that.

The suspect was being arrested at an airport when he was coming back from abroad to Japan. The regional police had already got a permit to arrest him for suspicion of rape to Shiori Ito by the court. However, the chief of criminal investigation at the main office abruptly ordered them, waiting for him at the airport to execute the arrest, to stop the enforcement. This chief used to be a secretary of chief cabinet secretary Suga. The suspect has consulted to one of the cabinet member on this issue.

The suspect has written a book to flatter PM Abe and is known to have had close relationship with him. So there is a strong suspicion that the authority has aribitrarily stopped the police to arrest him. It could be an abuse of the political power. This is a critical issue for soundness of our democracy.

One of the facts which makes us suspect of this abuse of the power is that NHK, the public broadcasting, won't report on this issue at all, even though they have done with # Me too movement in the world. NHK is believed to stand on the position close to the authority nowadays.

This is not a personal crime but also a pretty political issue.

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