The 39th anniversary

It will be our 39th anniversary tomorrow. Such anniversary could have never been our own affairs for us. It has come, however. Time is surely flowing fast.

Starting our residency at a med school hospital, we were not involved in the sweet life of honey moon. All concern was at the training as med doctors in pediatrics for me as well as in psychiatry for my wife. No car nor TV set at the dorm those days.  No ham radio in the first year at least. The life was full with new experiences and ambition for the future.

Now we are at the last chapter of life. I am thankful to my wife for her dedication and endurance. It is my turn to make her happier from now, even though it might be a bit too late. Never too late. Believe there are good things ready for us in this chapter.

Sorry for the same photo as I posted here in the past but this one is my favorite one taken in the honey moon. She was, no, is beautiful.

It could be taken a cheating. Here is more recent one taken during the trip to Shinshyu 7 years ago. 

Happy holiday seasons to all of you, my friends.


  1. Life is such a hurried event. We race through it, trying to do this or that, trying to acquire this or that, wanting to achieve some goal that will give us satisfaction. It is only when the majority of life is gone do we think about those that have contributed to it. It is nice that you have said "thank you" to your bride.

    1. Don, thank you for the considerate comment. You are right. It is not easy for us to live at this age. Thinking how much we owe each other and the others in the past, I would go on running through the last chapter of life. May it be blessed with something good. I always appreciate your words of wisdom.