Seventy two years have passed

Seventy two years have passed since Hiroshima and Nagasaki suffered from atomic bombing. Three days ago in Hiroshima while today in Nagasaki. Hundreds of thousands of people, mostly non military citizens, young or old, have been killed at once. Many more should spend their hard lives with the late onset sequel of irradiation afterwards.

I have a few points to comment on this memorable days.

Firstly, we are obliged to ask ourselves why the people should undergo such a tragedy 72 years ago. I know quite some people in the US and the other countries think it was a retaliation for Pearl Harbor attack and the invasions to neighbor countries by our military. In addition, some people insist the atomic bombing has hastened defeat of our country. I won't discuss on these point in detail. They are making the points to some degree. But it doesn't seem to be the main reason. i would emphasize the emperor as well as the government/military authority should have admitted being defeated in the war much earlier. The authority is told to have expected mediation to the allied nations by Stalin, which was a ridiculous dream. It is not yet elucidated who was responsible for this delay to accept the unconditional surrender. The authority was concerned only about survival of the emperor system. It is the reason why this tragedy has happened even though the responsibility for this wrong decision has never investigated yet.

Whatever the cause/reason might be, it is a reality that innocent citizens have been killed. It should be remembered as a war crime killing so many non military people. It should never be happened. The world leaders, especially the president of the US, seem to be inclined to use nuclear weapon in certain conflict or in certain local war. I should say, however, it is a crime of mass murder and an event which leaves so many people suffering from the effects of irradiation throughout their lives. It is still a crime to human being.

Third, among 140000 victims in Hiroshima, 30000 to 40000 are told to be Korean people. Even more than 10 American people were killed. Some Korean people moved to Japan with their own will while there were a lot of people who were forced to come to Japan. Either case was due to poverty in Korea which had brought them to Japan. With this respect, we, Japanese, are not the sufferers but also the offenders to the neighbor country. Commemorating this event, we should never forget this fact.

Nuclear weapon is not only a mass destruction/murder arm but also leaves the irradiation effects on many people who survive the destruction. It is an arm of the evil. The balance of nuclear weapon is quite unstable and always tempts certain leader of a country to use it. It could result in ruining the world. It is only a false optimism that the balance of nuclear weapon will last forever. 


  1. Thanks for the blog Shin. This is N5PHT, Gary. And thanks for your great defense of CW as a way of communication with other humans. I appreciate your comments. I stood in Hiroshima many, many times in the 4 1/2 years I lived in Iwakuni. Even as a US Military member - a US Marine - I pondered how could two nations ever have came to such an action. How could anyone conceive of such destruction and, as you said, to innocent lives - many, many years afterwards and still. A great Tragedy. I will never forget being about 50 miles from base - by myself and one our your countryman asking me my age. He then followed up by saying it is likely my Father and him were enemies. He then immediately offered his hand stating, "Peace is better." It is a very brief encounter that I will not forget.

    I appreciate our QSOs we have had through the years. I am only 61 years of age but not in great health. I hope to keep using CW as long as possible. It is a wonderful mode. We may differ a little in one point in that if they are using CW I am happy even if it is just a contest or just for some numbers. But I find that I enjoy a thrilling CWT session in which I make over 100 contacts in an hour and I enjoy a wonderful CW Rag Chew and spend a half hour or more chatting. I just enjoy CW. But I can sure appreciate your concerns that it is being lost as a language. I believe it to be a language of the heart. I consider it a second language.

    I enjoyed or contact and please do keep writing blogs and putting JA1NUT on the airways. I see in my log book this tonight was our 63rd CW contact starting in 2002. See you down the log Shin. N5PHT

    1. Gary,

      Thanks for your comment as well as the QSO this morning. You were pretty loud in that mediocre condition. Let's hope it will get better in a few weeks when fall breeze starts blowing.

      It was a moving encounter for you with that countryman in Japan. I am glad to know you have had good memories here in our country. I often think we should look back the history as an offender, invader and destructor to the neighbor countries. So far as we take ourselves as victims in the war, we won't solve the problem.

      I am sorry to hear you have had a health problem. Let me know of that in the next QSO if you don't mind. I am 7 years older than you as you might know. I still have minor health issues but could get along OK.

      I have written a few drafts for this blog but haven't finished them yet. It has become like a home work for pupil hi. Give me some time.

      As for contesting, I have discussed much in this blog or even in the CWops reflector. I have been denounced badly by the contest nuts hi. I am getting indifferent to that activity, not participating nor blaming etc. When some contest goes on, I just switch off radio and do something else. You are still very enthusiastic for every aspect of ham radio. It means you are still young and energetic. That is good and even envious to me.

      Take care. Don't be drowned in the floods!